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Online Shopping


Delphines Quilt Shop, LC offers the following Returns Policy:

Thimbles can be returned… no questions asked.


Selling fabric kits on the web presents unique challenges that the informed online shopper needs to be aware of. While we make every effort to have pictures that accurately depict each finished kit, there are various factors that will affect how well your finished project matches the picture we present.  The graphics card and display on all computers tend to have different color and brightness settings and this will affect how your computer will display the image we present.   The website image will be generated by digital cameras or scanners which tend to impart their own subtle variations.


Fabrics with irregular patterns may have different portions of the pattern present in individual pieces and can cause the fabric to have a different look.  Some kits will have pictures generated by the Electric Quilt® program and scanned fabrics. Scanned fabrics may have color and shade differences from the scanning process as well as different repeats than the actual fabric.  Kits that use all of the fabrics recommended by the fabric distributor may have pictures taken directly from their website and we will have to trust their accuracy.


Therefore, please be aware that their may be some variation between what you see on our website and your finished project. Because of the nature of kits there will be a restocking fee for those that are returned. The restocking for kits returned in good condition will be 25%.


Finished Samples
From time to time we may sell finished samples on this website. There is a no return policy on all finished samples.

You may cancel out of a class up to one week before the class starts and recieve a full refund.